Video: Museumhive Hangout with Emily Graslie

Another great Hangout session with Emily Graslie, a visual artist and Chief Curiosity Correspondent at the Field Museum in Chicago. Emily is the creator and host of the Brain Scoop, and online platform which focuses on science and education. Below we discuss cats, science and advocating for more content creators in museums.


0:00 Introduction + short speech by Dan Yaeger, Brad Larson and Ed Rodley.

3:24 Emily introduces herself, and talks about how she got started with the Brain Scoop.

5:03 Emily talks about advocating for Chief Curiosity Correspondent (content creator) positions at other Museums.

7:07 Emily opens the discussion for questions.

7:36 Question: How did Emily become a blogger and content creator.

8:28  Emily talks about her progression from sketching to photographing specimens during her internship in the Zoological Museum of Montana.

10:43 Emily talks about starting her blog, The Brain Scoop.

12:38 Emily shows early Brain Scoop videos

12:55 Question: How did Emily get permission for her blog?

18:10 Emily talks about discussing the Brain Scoop with the University of Montana

19:38 Emily talks about beginning her position at the Field Museum.

20:04 Emily talks about advocating for transparency in social media content.

20:26 Question about how Emily became a great public speaker.

23:27 Question about how Emily deals with her job and youtube comments.

26:10 Question – is there ever a struggle over the content or direction of the Brain Scoop?

29:00 Emily talks about making content for the audience/demographic that is watching the videos.

32:00 Question do you know who your audience is? How many are based in Chicago? Does that factor into Emily’s online content creation?

36:31 Question: do you have any advice on reaching the youth with online content?

38:55 Question: How much of hosting is personality based? Can you have a channel with multiple hosts?

43:00 Question: What’s a day at the Field Museum like?

49:03 Question: What makes a good story?

52:44 Question: What’s the next online frontier for museums and other cultural institutions?

55:22 Question: How was the March for Science?

58:00 Thank you and goodbye?


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