Video: Museumhive Hangout with Kimberly Drew

Another amazing hangout with Kimberly Drew of the MET Museum and Black Contemporary Art.


0:00 Cierra Peters; Introduction to Museumhive

0:33 The MET. blogging and social media – how Kimberly started.

3:53 The Challenges of working with digital media.

7:25 Digital media’s place in museums.

6:53 Initiating Dialogue: reaching the communities museums intend to serve.

12:00 Question from the audience: how can we reach communities when resources are limited? – If there’s an opportunity to reach out to 1-5 community organizers, make space available for others, think creatively about how to use resources.

12:50 Stories from the Studio Museum in Harlem: it’s really easy to forget that people on the outside don’t always know what the Museum is doing. It’s worthwhile to slow down and invite people in.

14:00 Question from Cierra: Can you talk about Black Art Incubator and Black Futures – all of Kimberly’s projects are born from collaboration and others being gracious enough to share their time with her.

15:18 On the Black Art Incubator: how it began, and why community is important in our current political moment.

16:57 On Black Futures: a book project with Jenna Wortham

18:01 Follow up question: What was the process like during Black Art Incubator?

20:59 Question from the audience: What digital art projects are inspiring you? – DM’ing other scholars, people taking selfies at the museum, the infinite ways in which people can engage with the galleries of the museums are inspiring.

23:55 Question from the audience: Does the museum online need to reflect the physical space? It’s more important to illustrate the possibility of visiting and what the museum has to offer. Illustrate the mission.

26:26 Question from the audience: Is changing the museums image through digital disingenuous?

27:39 Museums need to share resources through digital.

28:34 Question from the audience, Christlene De Jean: how do you use your platform to hold space for art and discourse? – A: there is always a way to use what exists in the archive to relate to contemporary conversations.

30:55 Our digital imprint has so much potential for change.

32:00 Question from the audience: Do you have a final statement for the group?

33:20 Thank you and goodbye!